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Promiscuous (Issues, #1)

Promiscuous (Issues, #1)Promiscuous by Isobel Irons
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I got a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

OMG OMG….Thank god for read for review and this fabulous book! I loved every page of this book, every minute it took me to read this book and I just want to scream “ I LOVE YOU ISOBEL IRONS!”

I cant wait to get my hands on book number 2! I must read what happens next and what not…

This book is soooo “Easy A meets Cinderella meets mean girls” I love how honest this book is and how the characters are true. Even though you might choice not to believe it, but the topics and the over all book itself is what high school really is. Seriously! Girls are mean, boys are pigs….. Yes girls are trying to kill themselves or starve themselves because of the bullying by other kids…..

Natashia, aka Tasha is a not so popular girl in school, with a not so good reputation that show how got because she leaves in a bad neighborhood and not to mention its in a trailer park to. Everyone thinks Tasha is a slutty skanky girl. Her best friend Margot is an anorexic girl who just got herself a scholarship to UCLA for acting and her and Tasha’s ticket out of there town, for good.

When the high school’s main Bully catches Margot in the bathroom throwing up after lunch, she makes it a point to make her life miserable, so miserable that Margot trys to kill herself. Now Tasha is on a mission to get give and settle the score.

Little did she know that there are actual decent people out there that care for her and want to see her graduate school and make something of herself. Who would of thought that a dorky computer teacher, the hottest guy and not the mention the class president, and a little bit of TLC from Natasha would big this story and a great page turning twist!

A must read.

P.S. if your offended by swearing, the use of the F bomb, talking about sex, rape and other not so good topics… this book is not for you….but really SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP AND READ THIS FUCKING AWESOME BOOK…
your welcome … :)

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