Monday, August 19, 2019

Review: They Both Die at the End

They Both Die at the End They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Either I’m heartless or everyone’s emotional. ( true statement I stole from someone else)

I loved the concept of the book, but I needed for background… like why. Why does this company pick and choice when people die? I just needed a little more to truly understand and get into the book.

a company called Death-Cast calls people to tell them when their last day has arrived so they can say their goodbyes, live in the moment, and tie up any loose ends. Of course, knowing you are going to die is also horrifying, especially if you feel you haven't lived your life to the full. An app called Last Friend brings together those who are dying and enables them to find someone to enjoy their last day with.

We are met with Mateo and Rufus who are going to die today. They both link up through the Last friend app and try to live their best lives. Here they both help each other to become better people and live their life to the fullest and sadly find love with each other.

The title gives it away so no spoilers.

There were parts of this book that I loved and could not put the book down. But. I did find a lot of the book dragged and wanted to skip sections.

I listened to the audio book and found myself debating to DNF it but it takes a bunch for me to DNF a book and it just didn’t not fall in that category and im to morbid and needed to know how they both died…..

All my friends rated this book 4-5 stars…maybe this will be your cup of tea.

It was not for me.

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Review: Why She Lied

Why She Lied Why She Lied by Julie Coons
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was graciously sent a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I was so very excited to read this book and finally sat down during my vacation and devoured it in one sitting.
This book sucks you in right at the beginning. Not many books can do that to me, but this…this I knew was going to be wonderful especially since it was based on a true story.

Being a victim of domestic violence myself this book really hit home. I truly feel so sorry for all the pain and horrendous gut wrenching issues the author has faced. Julie tells her story of bringing down one of the biggest human trafficking rings ever. I can't believe everything this woman went through to bring these people to justice. She is truly a hero!

Human trafficking is becoming a big issue here in the United States and sadly it’s a topic nobody wants to talk about or deal with. Its truly sad. We need to stand together and rise up to protect our children.

This book starts by introducing us to Julie who works at a hospital and we learn about her horrible abuse in the past. Her co-workers are insistent she go on a date with James. However, Julie’s gut tells her otherwise. After saying no, numerous times she finally agrees and goes out with James.

She finds out that James has cheated on her several times and now she finds herself pregnant. That night when she tells James she is pregnant she finds out that he is being charged with molestation of a girl at a daycare he worked at. She now has to make the biggest choice in her life by deciding if she will end this pregnancy and save her unborn baby from this monster or keep the baby and deal with the fact that James will still be able to be around the baby.

5 years later Julie is approached to law enforcement to help bring justice to the monster she once knew as James. This is when Julie finds out about James involvement with human trafficking and the nightmare starts all over again when Julie starts digging and finding out she was almost a victim herself.

If only Julie would have trusted her gut….

One of THE BEST Thrillers you will read this year! Hand down.

*Thank you Ms. Coons for giving me the opportunity to read your book!*

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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Review: The Last Mrs. Parrish

The Last Mrs. Parrish The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Amber wants to change her life. She is tired of being the one who is a “nobody”. She wants to marry a wealthy man and live in a large expensive home in a nice neighborhood. So she devises a plan that she is certain will allow her get what she wants. The first half of the book is Amber's point of view and very suspenseful. Amber has her sights on wealthy, successful and handsome businessman Jackson Parrish. The only problem, he is already married with two daughters and appears to dote on his beautiful wife, Daphne.

Daphne Parrish chairs a foundation, Julie’s Smile, which helps sufferers of CF. Her younger sister, Julie, had died of the disease. Amber befriends Daphne, pretending she also had a younger sister who died of CF. Amber does it well becoming Daphne’s closest friend as well as Jackson’s personal assistant. Of course Amber and Jackson are having a torrid affair and her plan of taking Daphne’s place is well away.

The second half of the book is Daphne's point of view. here we get 12 years of her marriage and the background. Here is were we discover the perfect marriage is really not the perfect marriage. Jackson Parrish is anything but the pleasant devoted husband he appears to be. Unfortunately, this section of the book is too very tedious and very long.

Daphne soon discovers what is going on and now come up with actions of her own. I was so team daphne but she turned into an unlikable and unbelievable character.

all in all this was a good psycho thriller and had the potential to be a 5 star blown out of the water book..but it just wasn't there.....

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Review: Murder Beyond the Grave

Murder Beyond the Grave Murder Beyond the Grave by James Patterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

this is actually 2 true crime stories.

the first story begins with a kidnapping and someone about to be buried alive.... I was hooked right

a drug dealer is busted and catches a break and gets to start life over on the straight and narrow. he quickly finds out that working a regular 9-5 is not cutting it and barley making ends met. he wants to know why do some people have to work so hard and making nothing and some people have the silver spoon.

he hatches a plan to make some money but doesn't tell his long time girlfriend what's going on.

he kidnaps a wealthy man and buries him alive for money with no intentions of harming him.

does his family pay? does the wealthy guy make it?.

the only thing I hated about this book was the girlfriend.... without spoiling it I just want to say "stupid, stupid sutupid" and I felt bad her for.....

the second story was even better.

a woman wants to renovate a camp she visited as a child. her wealthy husband and business partner is not very interested yet ends up giving into her wishes.

he stays back home with the kids to finish out the school year while she stays at the camp setting things up and running the place.

she soon starts receiving death threats . the locals want the rich bitch out.... but she is standing her ground.

after some scary run ins with local bikers her husband is convinced she needs to leave and its not safe.

the wife ends up dead and her lover boy as well....but little did they know the lover boy made it and now the search is on for the killer.

and of course plot twist.

but I can happily report I did guess the ending but was not unimpressed.

a very quick fun read

again mr. Patterson does not disappoint.

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Review: The Other Mrs. Miller

The Other Mrs. Miller The Other Mrs. Miller by Allison Dickson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Part one was very boring for me. This is where we learn characters and some background to the story.

Phoebe miller has inherited a fortune from her father, david noble. Mr. Noble has made a career out of sexual assaulting his female co-workers. Now that he is dead all these women are coming out of the wood work and have now made Phoebe isolate herself in her home in suburban lake forest, Illinois.

She drinks way too much and hates going out in public and now has become paranoid someone is watching her and she keeps a log of every time said car is parked outside of her house. She thinks it’s a reporter but she is unsure. Her husband, wyatt, is a therapist, wants children and keeps pushing Phoebe to have them/ adopt them. Phoebe is fed up with wyatt and the nagging.

When a new family moves in across the street everything changes for Pheobe. Vicki Napier because Phoebe’s best friend and also where she meets her 18 year old son who just happens to be Pheobe’s lover. This is where we find out that Vicki’s husband is an alcoholic with a temper and a doctor with his own drama.
The girl in the blue car is still watching them and watching all of the drama unfold.

Part 2 becomes way better and more interesting and starts off with someone being murdered. But the real question is who is responsible. Everyone is a suspect. Even when you think you know who did it, bam plot twist.

I held this book to a very high standard after reading a lot of my friends review’s but sadly I rated it as “ok”. I would have rated higher if part one did not bore me as much as it did. But all in all still a great read with a great mystery.

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Review: The Silver Linings Playbook

The Silver Linings Playbook The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Pat believes he has been in the "bad place", or the mental hospital, for only a few months but actually it's been more like four years. He believes that he and his wife, Nikki are separated and having an apart time but that will change soon as he is a changed man from what he was before. He is now fit and reading books to make himself more literate for his English teacher wife

Pat's mom comes and gets him out of the mental hospital on the condition that he goes and sees a therapist and lives with his parents. His new therapist is Dr. Cliff Patel and he's pretty cool in that he doesn't try to tell him to give up on getting Nikki back like his therapist in the hospital. He's also an Eagles fanatic which the two bond over. While in his waiting room he hears a song by Kenny G and he freaks out. Kenny G is his nemesis and the song "Songbird" is evil to him. He will sometimes see him at night in bed and will bang his head against the wall to try to get him to go away.

His old childhood friend Ronnie who had written to him while he was in the hospital stops by the house to see how's he's doing and to invite him over to dinner at his house with his wife Veronica and their young daughter. He and Nikki used to make fun of them, but Pat finds himself accepting the invitation. When he arrives he finds that someone else has been invited to the dinner: an older woman named Tiffany who is Veronica's sister and who is widowed and going through a rough time. Dinner is a stilted affair and when Pat walks Tiffany back to her parent's place where she lives in a trailer out back she tells him he can have sex with her if he wants and he tells her he is married and she says she is too. They both end up crying in each other's arms and go their separate ways.

Life with Pat's dad is difficult as he is a difficult man to be with. He is not an open man. He only seems to show up when there's an Eagles game on the television. And even then his mood depends on how well the Eagles are playing.

His brother Jake bought season tickets for Pat who once had them before he went into the hospital so the two of them and a friend of Jake's go to the home games. The Eagles winning or losing is important in this book because when the Eagles win his dad is in a better mood and more talkative--not by much, but a little bit. And things are easier on his long-suffering unappreciated mother when they win.

Tiffany has been following him around when he goes running and makes a proposition for him that will change his life. If he will do something for her she will do something really big for him that could be a game changer in the apart time being over. But he can't tell anyone about it. Not even his therapist. Will he do it?

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Review: How It Happened

How It Happened How It Happened by Michael Koryta
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This story opens up with Kimberly confessing to FBI agent rob barrett in her participation in a double murder of Jackie pelletier and ian Kelly who went missing and their bodies have never been located. she give exacte details and even names the killer, local respected caretaker Mathias Burke. she claims mathias and her friend cassie were all part of what happened. only problem.... Cass is dead of an overdose and Kimmie is a known drug addict, with multiple arrests and lies.

Barrett believes Kimberly's story even after they go to the supposed location of the bodies and none were located.

We do find out later that Barret had spent summer up in Port Hope visiting his ill tempered grandfather where he had run ins with mathias burke that did not go so well when he was younger.

Things do not go as planned and the attempts to dig up evidence to corroborate her allegations sends barrett off the investigation and relocated to a different state.

but he still cant let things go and after receiving calls from one of the parents of the girl he resumes his investigation. Howard, Jackie pelletier's father wants answered and pleads with barret to help him figure out what happened to his little girl.

An unpredictable story with many strange twists and turns. Loved Barrett, who puts everything on the line to prove his belief inKimberly is not wrong. A crime that harkens back to an old nemesis of Barretts from those long ago summers. A crime that will tie into other deaths that are perpetuated in Maine and across the country. He is determined to prove his theory about the murders of these two young people, who had been in love, with their whole future ahead of him. He is the rare lawman who cares about the victim, not just the solving case.

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