Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Battle Of The Labyrinth

The Battle Of The Labyrinth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #4)


By: Rick Riordan


Published By: Disney Hyperion Books


Published On: March 6, 2008

Rating 4 out of 5 Stars

This is the fourth book in the Percy Jackson series.  I did not enjoy this one as much as the other ones. Probably because of all the romance drama…. But the action and story were wonderful as always.
Percy's mother has been dating a teacher a named Paul blophis, but everyone thinks its blowfish.  He is a teacher at Goode School and has managed to get Percy enrolled into this school. Percy is unsure of this because of all the bad things that has happened to him in the past years and he does not want anything bad to happen, meaning monsters, and since Paul does not know that Percy is a Demi God he would not understand these attacks.
During orientation of this new school, he runs into Rachel Elizabeth Dare, the mortal girl who saved from the evil skeletons at the Hoover Dam.  Of course, she recognizes him and pulls him away from the orientation demanding some sort of explanation for what happened at the Hoover Dam. If you can't remember Rachel, she was the mortal who could see through the mist, meaning she can see monsters. Of course not very long into that conversation Percy is attacked by monster cheerleaders (empousas) who set the school on fire and also managing to bring up the fact about enslaving the campers at camp half blood. Percy and Rachel run away and run until Annabeth. Annabeth was supposed to be meeting Percy for a "date" to the movies, even though they both claim it is not a date. Therefore, you cannot be surprised that Annabeth is not happy to see Rachel with Percy and gets very jealous, and angry and of course, the girls get mad at each other. (Again, I hate romance drama)

Percy wants to go back to the camp and tell them about the Empous.  At camp half-blood they find a new sword master, Quintas.  Percy starts having weird prophetic dreams and random iris messages sent to him. Demi gods and minor gods are joining Kronos' army.  The old sea gods are stirring and causing trouble with Percy's dad. Grover is in trouble with the Coven council for not finding Pan and he has 3 weeks to find him or his searcher's license is going to be revoked. We find out at Luke is in the Labyrinth looking for Daedalus.  Luke is looking for Ariadne's string, which will help him through the labyrinth and help him invade camp half blood. Something has to be done so Annabeth is sent to get a prophecy from the Oracle.  Yes she finally is going to have her own quest for once.

Annabeth does not share with the camp the whole prophecy but chooses Percy, Tyson and Grover to accompany her. This is not good because you are only allowed 2 people to help with a quest but annabeth insists that she needs all three of them. (Let me say I am very happy to see Tyson back in the book!)
So the group heads underground into the labyrinth in search of Daedalus and Grover's search for Pan. The danger levels are sky rocketing. The action gets more intense. The plot twists with every turn of the Labyrinth and while Percy might be a little dense at times, he has the ability to read people's emotions around him and this help with the different battles and allows him to quickly strategize.