Monday, July 8, 2013

Steel Breeze



Steel Breeze


By: Douglas Wynee


Published By Journalstone


Published on: July 19, 2013


Rating 4 out of 5 Stars

I won a copy of this book through Librarything's Early reviewer program.

Prologue of this book was VERY BORING. I almost did not read the book because of it.

This book is about Desmond and his four year old son Lucas. Desmond is a writer who had just lost his wife to the most god-awful murder ever. His wife was be-headed in his backyard along with his dog. Yes, they beheaded the dog too. This makes major news and also makes Desmond the center of attention in town. Desperate to get some work done on his new book, Desmond starts taking Lucas to the playground to play while he sits and works on his laptop nearby. Lucas wonders off with a stranger, which made Desmond go to a different park that was closer to home so he would not have the same problem. Only 5 minutes into Lucas playing in the sandbox does Desmond look up and find his son missing again! He desperately looks around the park and cannot find him. He hears some noises and follows the sound through a bush to a stream where he finds Lucas standing next to a stranger looking at a duck in the stream. When Desmond yells at the stranger the stranger takes off running and never looks back.

When Lucas is questioned about the stranger all he said was that he had a mean face that looked like a mask and he was scared. When Desmond goes back to the sandbox to pick up Lucas toy dump truck he left behind he find a be-headed doll next to the toy. Now he feels that this stranger is somehow related to his wife's murder. But how?! The next morning when Desmond starts to work on his book before Lucas wakes up he finds words written on his computer that were not there before. He feels that someone broke into the house. Lucas wakes up crying because the toy he has had been be-headed also. Desmond packs them up and heads to the detective's office that worked on his wife's murder and also was his wife's ex-lover. The detective thinks that Desmond is crazy and making everything up. He is still convinced that Desmond killed his wife.

The in-laws where called that now they are starting the procedure to get custody of Lucas because of how un-fit Desmond is. Is Desmond crazy? Is he making this all up? Did he really kill his wife? Is the wrong person in jail for his wife's murder? You will you have to read and find out.

This book has many mysteries and kept you guessing. You will not be disappointed with your choice of this book.