Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baby, You're as sweet as 3.14159265

Baby, You're As Sweet As 3.14159265


By: HogWild


Published By: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.


Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

i was contacted by the author to read this book...and THANK GOD he did.

FUNNIEST book i have read all year...hands down.

i laughed at every page, every story. There were so many great quotes that some NEEDS to post them on here so i can click like!

because i am a nerd at heart i LOVED the title.... (pie...3.14) haha :)

The author had great and honest advise. He allowed us to get to know the person behind the hilarious advise.

please do not read if you are a prude and cant handle sex, swearing, and everything fun in between.

Word of not read at work, your co-workers will look at you like your stupid from all the laughing, snorting, and watching you wipe tears out of your eyes (yes this happend to me this week).

THANK YOU MR. book ever!