Monday, July 22, 2013

Heart Sick

Heart Sick


By: Chelsea Cain


Published By: Minotaur Books


Published on: September 4, 2007

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Heartsick is not for the squeamish. It is a psychologically mess up mystery that is very bloody!... and of course…everything I look forward to in a book J

Detective Archie Sheridan is in hunt for the Beautiful serial killer that has killed over 200 people, but in the end she caught him. Gretchen Kidnapped Archie tortured him for several days, and by tortured we mean driving nails through is chest to carve a heart, sick. He was her last victim. She almost killed him, saved his life by calling 911 and turning herself in. why? We have no idea.

Now 2 years later  there is another serial killer on the loose, attacking young girls and killing them a couple of days later. They police squad asks Archie to come out of medical leave to lead the attack on the 'after school strangler'.
Susan Ward, a reporter is asked to follow Archie around and write about him. Her dream is to leave the Features page and get into some serious writing. Her upbeat and quirky personality, combined with pink hair, helps lighten what could otherwise become a dark and depressing tale.  Archie wants to use her as an escape goat to document the things that happened to him that nobody else knows about him. Except for his Sunday visits to the prison where he is meeting and talking with his serial killer, Gretchen, who has been given clues to where the bodies are of her many victims.

From Archie's flashbacks showing what happened to him as Gretchen's prisoner, and the chase for the After-School-Strangler, Heartsick provides a few surprises and twists! Both Archie and Gretchen have their own agenda; maneuvering and plotting in an attempt to gain power over the other in their battle of wills; the current crimes and Susan's past are on a head-on collision; Gretchen shows that not even time or prison walls can stop a person when they are truly devoted to their "mission".

You will not be disappointed!