Wednesday, June 19, 2013

3rd degree

3rd Degree


By: James Patterson


Published By: Grand Central Publishing


Published on January 1, 2005


Rating 4 out of 5 Stars

This is the third book in the Women's Murder Club. Once again, we are in San Francisco where we meet Lt. Lindsay boxer and her friend Jill, the San Francisco's Assistant DA. It was Sunday morning and they were out for their usual run. When Jill leaves Lindsay is off relaxing for a coupling of minutes when the house she was walking by EXPLODES! Being the great detective and cop that she is, she goes running into the burning house to look for any survivors. She finds three dead bodies and hears someone crying. Here the only survivor was a 10 year old little boy trapped between his burning metal bed and the wall. Lindsay gets him out but later finds out that the au pair and the six month old little girl are missing. Witnesses saw a young blond woman , which were assuming was the au pair, running off with the little girl.

Lindsay soon finds out that the house was owned by a businessman who owned a successful computer company.  We soon find out that this man was a target of some 60's style leftist terrorists. Three days later another prominent local businessman is grotesquely murdered and another message is left. The targets seem to be random, but the only apparent connection being that all of the victims are tools of the establishment.  These terrorists are blaming greed, big business and the government for stepping on the "little man," leaving them abused and broken.  Things take a twist when the terrorist start using a toxic poison.  Because of this the federal government is brought in and brings the presence of Joe Molinari, deputy director of the Department of Homeland Security. Lindsay and Joe create and VERY strong working relationship that soon starts to have a tinged of romance involved!

During the mess with the murders, the murder club also has a mess on their hands. Jill starts having bruises on her arms. Lindsay feels the need to bring it up to her friend and it does not take long to soon confirm that Jill's Husband, Steve, has been abusing her. It is up to Clair, Lindsay and Cindy to take action and lend their support to their good friend.

Who is behind these terrorist attacks? What happens to Jill? You are going to have to pick up the book and find out for yourself! J