Monday, June 24, 2013

The Twisted Windwo



The Twisted Window


BY Lois Duncan


Published By: Open Road Young Readers


Published On: August 28, 2012

Rating 3 out of 5 Stars

We are first introduced to Tracey Lloyd a thirteen year old who just recently moved to New Mexico from New York to live with her Aunt and Uncle due to the recent murder of her actress mother. Her father who is an Actor too is too busy filming his next movie to have time to raise her.

Then we met Brad the "supposed" new kid at Tracey's school who just came from Texas. Brad is looking at girls in the high school to try to find the "right one". My first opinion on this way, stalker, rapist? And of course all of this made me more interested in the story because I am a sick and twisted person I love those types of books. However, I soon discovered the real reason for Brad trying to find a girl and found out this book is all about family and relationships.

Brad has asked Tracey for her help in trying to locate Brad's little sister, Mindy, who was kidnaped by his stepfather. Tracey soon agrees after feeling sorry for Brad and they try to hatch a little plan to get Mindy back.

Throughout the book you can Tracey can tell that something is not adding up with Brads story. She is not sure if she should call the cops, call his parents what to do. However, of course Brad has a perfectly good explanation for all of Tracey's objections. Tracey ends up being the babysitter to the little girl Mindy. The plan goes wrong the father comes home because he forgot movie tickets. Brad comes in with a gun and take Mindy and Tracey. Tracey soon learns that the boy she ran away with might also be a psychopath and the little girl Mindy may or may not be who Brad said she is.

The book is a great page-turner. I really enjoyed it but hated the ending.. it felt rushed and them BAM over….
That is why it got a 3 star instead of a 4 star.