Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Dog Who Knew too Much

The Dog Who Knew Too Much


By Spencer Quinn

Rating 4 out of 5 Stars

Chet and Bernie have returned for another installment in the life of the Little Detective Agency, which is very successful in every aspect except finances. In this book, Bernie is hired to pose as the "friend" of a divorced woman who has gone to see her son at a summer camp in the mountains. Except, when they arrive, the group of campers with whom Devin, the son, has gone out has not returned on schedule. Eventually they reappear, but Devin is missing. Bernie goes out with Turk, the guide, and Chet to search for Devin. And so, the adventure begins.

Bernie suspects he was bullied by the other boys; his camp counselor insists that he just wandered off; but Chet's nose can't find evidence of either scenario. The truth ends up being much more sinister, involving meth labs and murder.
 Bernie is also arrested for the counselor's murder leaving his girlfriend Suzie and Chet to decipher much of the puzzle