Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Darkness, My old Friend

Darkness, My old Friend


By: Lisa Unger

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

I thiink if i would have read the first book before i read this i would have liked this book more, but i was still able to follow along and like the book.
The jumping back and forth between characters randomly made it hard to follow the book. If it wasnt for that i would have given the book 4 stars.
Jones Cooper has walked away from his job as a police officer and is struggling with his past when a psychic shows up at his door with a chilling prediction. Eloise Montgomery has been seeing things psychically for years, ever since the car accident that killed her husband and daughter and left her comatose for several days.
 Eloise and local PI Ray Muldune are teaming up to try to uncover the mystery surrounding a local woman’s disappearance many years earlier. The woman’s son, Michael Holt, is now an adult and wants to find the answers to what happened to his mother – his memory of her last day is full of blank spots that he seems unable to shed any light upon.

Fifteen year old Willow Graves and her mystery writer mother, Bethany, have recently moved from New York City, looking for safety and peace in small town life. Willow is angry and confused about her parent’s bitter divorce, and has a tendency to run when things get uncomfortable.
All these characters’ lives cross in The Hollows, a tiny town with dark woods and even darker secrets