Friday, May 10, 2013

2nd Chance

2nd Chance


By: James Patterson, Andrew Gross

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!

The 2nd installment of the Women's Murder club and by far WAY BETTER than the first book.

Take four professional women--Lindsay, a homicide inspector who receives some bad personal news; Claire, a medical examiner and Lindsay's best friend; Jill, a tough assistant DA; and Cindy, a persistent reporter from the Chronicle--mix them together and you've got: The Women's Murder Club.
How can Lindsay move on after the tragic death of her partner, friend, and lover during a shootout in the last case? She finally learned to trust a man and how to fight her rare blood disease, but then it all crashed down with the death of Chris. To make matters even worse she feels like she should have done something more to prevent his death. She was promoted at work after she solved the big bride/groom serial killer case and is just starting to get back into work after her time she took off to grieve the loss of Chris.
 Her first case when she comes back is no small one though. She is facing another serial killer, this one targeting blacks and more specifically blacks connected with cops. Just as she and her girls of the Women's Murder Club are starting to figure things out, all hell breaks loose in their professional and personal lives. Lindsay's long lost father returns, he says to make amends with her after twenty two years of being gone and out of her life; Cindy starts having feelings for the very nice and very well liked pastor, who happens to be in the middle of the new case;
 Claire finds herself in a shooting; and Jill finds out she's pregnant and is desperately trying to do things right after having lost a baby years ago while in her last few months of the pregnancy. Wish all that personal drama, can these friends find the answer to another serial killing? Can Lindsay overcome her past to see the future? Will they all survive to be able to break this case wide open?
With a serial killer dubbed 'Chimera', we are given a glimpse of pure evil--a killer whose targets appear to be random, with nothing obvious to connect them. But of course, Lindsay and her friends slowly begin to put the pieces together. And when the targets become more personal, especially to Lindsay, you are left wondering if there will be a Women's Murder Club by the time the story has ended.