Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Glass Houses

Glass Houses

By: Rachel Caine

Rating 3 out of 5 Stars

The first half of this book was super boring and dull. I honestly questioned myself as to why I was listening to the audio book. Thankfully, it got a little better.
I am not a big fan of Claire. She depresses me and I just hope her character builds with the series if not, I will probably have to stop reading them.

I am totally in love with Shane <3 YUM :)

Here is hoping the second book is WAY better than the 1st!

Claire Danvers is a prodigy. At 16, she's already graduated high school, and with her grades she can go to any college she wants. Unfortunately, Claire's parents are a bit overprotective. So, instead of attending the college of her dreams, she's forced to go somewhere "closer to home"---which means Texas Prairie University in Morganville.
When Claire gets to the university she meets Monica Morell and her group of brainless followers who have decided to make Claire’s life a living hell, but they take it a step further than the typical fare by trying to kill her. Desperate to find somewhere else to stay, Claire ventures upon an ad to live in a nearby residence called the Glass House. The inhabitants include cheery and goth Eve, professional slacker Shane, and night owl Michael Glass, the owner of the house. There, Claire discovers that Morganville is more than just a college town: vampires control it.
All of the humans that live in the small town must wear a bracelet to signify which vampire is protecting them. The people that don’t have protection are fair game. When Claire’s roommate makes a deal with a vampire that could go very bad Claire sets out to find something the vampires want. It is an ancient book with a symbol on it that can only be read by humans and is disguised to vampires. She thinks that if she gets the book she can trade her roommates safety for the book. When she gets the book and hides it in their house the whole population of vamps in town are attacking the house to get it back.
Now, Claire needs to find out if she can find a protected place to be or leave Morganville. If neither of these options is possible, she might not survive the semester.