Monday, April 8, 2013

Under the Banner of Heaven

Under the Banner of Heaven

By Jon Krakauer

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars.

(this book deserved a 0 out of 5 stars but did not have the option!

Below is my review of the book but first off here are a few important notes

3.   Author who read book SUCKED.
4.   For a true crime book, it is shockingly DULL!

In 1984, Ron and Dan Lafferty brutally murdered their younger brother Allen's wife and baby girl saying that they were acting on orders from God. Ron and Dan are Mormon Fundamentalists, a breakaway sect that still practices polygamy and holds other unorthodox beliefs not sanctioned by the mainstream Mormon church.

In Under the Banner of Heaven, Krakauer delves into the minds of the Lafferty brothers and what led them to commit such a heinous crime. In addition, he interweaves the history of the Mormon church throughout the book, alternating between that and the Lafferty brothers and other modern day Mormon Fundamentalist's stories.

Krakauer traces the history of how Mormon Fundamentalism came to be starting at the beginning with Joseph Smith founding the mainstream Mormon church. I really appreciated learning about the beginnings of the LDS faith and why the Fundamentalists split from the mainstream church. Having this detailed background information helped me to understand better what beliefs the Fundamentalists hold and why.

Krakauer is equally thorough in his examination of modern day Fundamentalism and the Lafferty brothers. He also discusses other contemporary Mormon Fundamentalists like Warren Jeffs and Brian David Mitchell, the man who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart.