Friday, March 14, 2014

Promise you won't tell

Promise You Won't Tell?Promise You Won't Tell? by John Locke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I couldn’t stop reading this book because I'm dying to know what really happened during that one night of partying/ teenage drinking. It’s like an episode of CSI, but with a big dose of Nancy Drew and more humor. <--- best way to sum up the book!

I am very happy i got this as a kindle freebie...well worth it!

Dani is a PI. She does alot of divorce work and is my husband/wife cheating on me work. she pretty much hates it... but always willing to help kids out, taking a case of for free. Since Danni herself is a child crime victim being kidnapped and repeat abused....

So when a teenager comes in and tells her she thinks she has been a victim of a crime that she can't remember because of a night of drinking, dani is eager to take on the case.

As Dani starts digging in on the case, different things start popping up and alot of questions are asked.

Such a great twist at the end i just did not see it coming and it was great... that is all i am goin to say so i dont ruin the book for everyone else... MUST READ!

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