Monday, February 3, 2014

The Cellar

The Cellar (The Cellar, #1)The Cellar by Natasha Preston
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I recieved a copy of this book from the publisher for an exchange for an honest review

O.M.G. I absolutely loved this book! I knew when I first read the description fo this book I was going to love it!

16 year old Summer was kidnapped by man when she was out looking for her friend that stormed off mad at her boyfriend. This man took Summer to the “cellar” where she found 3 other girls waiting for her.

Clover, the man who took Summer, re-named the girls he kidnapped to flowers. Summer is now called Lilley and there are Rose, Violet, and Poppey. Clover is dead set on having the “perfect” family and thinks he has that with these girls.

In this “cellar” the girls are forced to shower twice a day and keep the “cellar” clean since clover hates germs and dirt. The girls are also faced with abuse if they do not do what clover asks and also forced into rape once clover falls in love with them.

This book bounces off the views of Summer (aka Lilley), Clover (the kidnapper) and Lewis (summer’s boyfriend). This books spans about 1 year since the abduction of Summer. You get to feel the real emotion the family of Summer feels about not finding Summer and the “lack” of concern from the police department after so many months. I was so in love with Lewis for not giving up on Summer and always believing he was going to find her.

*** mild spoiler**

I wish they couldn’t have rushed into the rescuing. I would have and still would like to know how they got rescued. Did clover say something when he was being questioned by the police? Did Lewis break back into clover’s house and find the “cellar”? I HATE unanswered questions!
But it does feel and appear to be a second book?!
Lets hope so!

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