Friday, August 9, 2013

Clockwork Angel


Clockwork Angel


By: Cassandra Clare


Series: Infernal Devices #1


Published By: Simon & Schuster


Published On: August 31, 2010


Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Because everyone on my friends list have read this series and everyone is talking about the new movie I had to read this book. Well I listened to it on audio, but still.

OMG….OMG… I loved loved loved it.

Clockwork Angel brings us to Victorian London.  We met Tessa Gray. Her aunt recently passed away and the only family she has left in the United States. Her brother, Nate, sends Tessa a ticket to go to London to live with him.  Upon arriving to London she is kidnapped by two witches who call themselves the Dark Sisters.  We later find out that London is filled with warewolves, vampires, fairies, and all the other "fairytale story" people, but here they call them the Down worlders.

The Dark Sisters force Tessa to realize she has special powers and she is not human.  Here we learn that Tessa is a Shape shifter and a very rare down wordler. She can take on the form  of anyone she wants as long as she has something that belonged to that person.  The dark sisters work for an evil man named The Magister and somehow Tessa is part of his big plan.

Thank goodness Tessa is rescued by a young Shadow hunter named Will.  Shadow hunteres are warriros that protect the known as the nephilim. Because they have angel blood in their system, are faster and stronger, and can become invisible to most humans.  Will takes Tessa to the London Institute which is a safe haven for the shadow hunters.  Tessa discovers that her brother is missing and she wants to find him. The shadow hunters agree to help Tessa find her brother as long as she uses her powers to help them.

While at the Institute Tessa befriends a couple Shadow hunters. Of course there is the gorgeous Will, who is a jerk most of the time to Tessa and anyone else at the institute but there are those small special occasions where Will will let her in and show her how amazing he really is.  Then we met Will's friend Jem.  Jem was cursed as a young man and they have yet to find him a cure.  It is slowly killing him and the only way to slow it down is for Jem to take Opium every day. But by taking so much of that drug, the drug is also killing him slowly. As Tessa gets to know the boys she starts to have feeling for both boys. (yes anther teen love triangle)

This book is very action packed and always let you wanting more.

Team JEM all the way!

Can't wait to read book 2!