Monday, June 17, 2013


Road Salt


Wings From Ashes #2


By:  Linda Nelson


Published By: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


Published on 2013


Rating 3 out of 5 Stars

** I received a copy of this book from the author through Early Reviewer program for an exchange of an honest review. That in no way has influenced my review. **

This book is about drug use and the effects that drugs have on you mainly bath salts. Bath salts are very big in the area I am from. They are now official illegal but the damage has already been done. It is very sad to see the effects that these drugs had on the kids in my area. I am so glad that our government finally stepped up and did something about this.

Karla is new to the school. She does not have a great relationship with her mother, and that is because her mother is a mean drunk. Her father on the other hand is never home. She does not know if he is off working or out with someone else. She could care less after what happened to her a few months ago.  Karla went to a party with a new friend of hers, Carla, where Karla meet up with a boy who drugged her and raped her. Karla ended up overdosing on whatever the guy gave her and almost died. So now she is officially grounded until further notice.

Carol is an ordinary girl who lives with her parents. On the volleyball team and popular, Little does anyone know is that Carol is addicted to Coke. We find out that Carol's mother is also addicted to Coke and keeps stealing Carol's stash.

Carol and Karla meet two new boys in school named Max and Rod. Max has a normal family. His father is a lawyer and a normal mother. Max does drugs mostly pot. Rod on the other hand is a bad boy. Always in trouble and big into drugs. His drug of choice is Cloud Nine, aka, bath salts. Rod has a job at a gas station. One night while working, he comes across an irate customer and ends up getting into a fight with the customer and that customer runs into the gas station with his car. Rod gets scared, robs the gas station, and makes it look like it was the person who ran into the gas station.

Max gets kicked out of his house for not having a job to pay room and board, Carol packs a bag and runs away from home because she is tired of having her mother steal her stash. Karla goes to the basketball court to meet up with Max and finds Carol, Rod, and Max already there. They have this great idea to go on a road trip. Little do they know this is going to be a road trip from hell. The kids end up stealing cars and stealing money to survive there road trip. Trying to figure out why Rod is acting so weird.

To me there was not enough drama or excitement in the book. I was bored in the middle of it and kept thinking ok what is going to happen next.  What I did hate was how the book ended. Out of know where all this Shit was going down. It felt like she rushed to end the book.

But overall it was a decent read.