Thursday, May 30, 2013

Three to get Deadly

Three To Get Deadly


By: Janet Evanovich


Published by: St. Martin's.


Published On: July 15, 1998

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Stephanie Plum is at it again in this third installment of the Stephanie Plum mystery series.
Once again we find Stephanie looking for an FTA, or also known as Failure to Appear, "Uncle Mo". He did not appear in court for his charge of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, but everyone in Trenton does it, he was just the unlucky one to be caught.  Uncle Mo is also the most beloved member of the burg, and the local candy storeowner. Since he is known well around town news hits the grapevine and Stephanie finds herself being scolded and even curse at by everyone including her own mother.
As she is searching for Uncle Mo she discovers that this supposed saint has a darker side and a few masked supports who are determined to get her off the case. Ms. Plum finds herself being shot at and finding dead bodies everywhere she goes and the police are getting suspicious and are starting to think Stephanie is killing people.

Lula, the ex-hooker turned file clerk at Cousin Vinnie's office is now a main character in this book. Ever since Stephanie saved her life in the last book, Stephanie has found herself being clung to by Lula. Lula wants to help with the bounty hunting to so she volunteers to help Stephanie with catching Mo. I find Lula very interesting and funny though out this book.
Ranger also doesn’t mind helping Stephanie this time around but he is determined to get her in shape so she can actually start catching the bad guys.  This turns into a  5 o'clock runs which are NOT Stephanie's regular work outs but Ranger makes sure she does them, never mind that she looks like death by the time she gets back to her apartment.
And of course you can't forget about Joe Morelli. He is back in this book and finding himself being called on by Stephanie for help.  Morelli is sexy as ever, but is a little detached from Stephanie and she is not sure she likes it. I'm really not sure that I like it.  I LOVE me some morelli.

Can Stephanie catch Uncle Mo before it is too late? Can Mo possibly be involved with all of these dad bodies? Does Stephanie ever get with Morelli? Got to read the book and find out!