Monday, May 20, 2013

The Sea of Monsters

The Sea Of Monsters

By Rick Riordan

Publisher: Disney Hyperion Books

Series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians #2

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

The second installment of the Percy Jackson series and I must say is a lot better than the first book.
Percy made it through another school year with no issues and not getting expelled from school. Except on the last day of school Percy finds himself having a run-in with monsters in gym class. Luckily Percy's only friend in school Tyson, a very large homeless kid, who happens to have some type of power that the monsters do not affect him and save Percy from the flesh eating monsters and Annabeth shows up just in time to get them out of there before the cops show up.

Once they reach the camp Percy finds out some strange news about his new friend. He is a Cyclops and happens to be Percy's Half brother. Yes you heard me correctly!

Camp Half Blood is not how Percy remembers it. The protective magical boundary of camp is collapsing due to Thalia's tree being poisoned, monsters are invading the borders, and the camp staff has changed. To make things worse, Percy keeps having dreams about his friend Grover, a satyr on a quest, being in danger. It turns out that Grover has created and “empathy link”, allowing him to communicate with Percy from a distance. Percy finds out that Grover is being held in the same island where the Golden Fleece (which could cure Thalia's tree) is located. Unfortunately camp officials gave another demigod, Clarisse, the quest and Percy is left feeling helpless. To save the camp Percy, Annabeth and Tyson must defy camp officials and go to the sea of monsters to save Grover and to save camp.

This book ends with a great cliff hanger and I cannot wait to read the next book. I just requested it from the library I hope it comes sooner rather than later!