Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Just a Little Crush

Just a Little Crush


By:  Tracie Puckett


Published By: Tracie Puckett


Published on : December 11 2012

Rating 4 out of 5 Stars

17 year old Julie lives with her Uncle Charlie who happens to be Oakland's Chief of Police and cousin Matt, who happens to very handsome and very popular in school. Girls hate Julie because not only is Matt her cousin, he is her best friend.
Julie and Matt find out that they have a senior project where they have to job shadow someone for 20 hours and write a report about it. This does NOT make Julie happy since she has NO idea what she wants to do in life especially after high school.
Uncle Charlie suggests that she do her job shadowing down at the police station. Julie thinks this is great because she can spend her house behind a desk doing paperwork. Little does she know that Uncle Charlie sends her out on patrol with Officer Luke, who happens to be young, handsome, and downright stubborn. Luke makes Julie sit in the backseat of the patrol car until she "earns" her rights to sit up front. Luke feels that Julie is not taking his job seriously and thinks this is all one big joke and she is just a spoiled brat. Little does Luke know he is wrong. They have more in common than he thinks.
While Julie and Luke butt heads every time there at the wheel together, something is growing and something is stirring. Does Luke like Julie; has this relationship developed into something more than just a little crush?