Monday, April 29, 2013

The S-Word

The S-Word

By: Chelsea Pitcher

Rating: 5 our 5 freaking stars!

** I got a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review**
O….M….G…… WOW, just WOW
 I LOVED this book!
Thank you net galley for letting me read this early!

Angie and lizzie were best friends since they were very young. All of that changes when Angie caught Lizzie in bed with her boyfriend, Drake, on prom night in there hotel room!  Lizze went from being this quiet untouchable ice queen to the new school Slut.
Lizze is now dead. Taking her own life by jumping off the schools tower. But someone has started defacing the lockers again, someone has been write Suicide Slut all over the lockers in Lizzie's handwriting.  Someone is passing out pages of Lizzie's diary and spreading them around school. Is it Lizzie's ghost, someone's sick joke, or is someone out for revenge?
Angie begins a quest to find out what caused Lizzie to take her own life.  She seeks the help of Jesse, on of Lizzie's main friends to help her. Along the way many secrets come to life and things begin to change and shift!
This book truly hits all the bad sides to high school with bullys, drinking, the silent victims of crime. Angie persecutes herself for not forgiving Lizzie or even talking to lizzie. She will stop it nothing to find the pages of Lizzie's diary and find out what really happened that night with drake and what is soooo mysterious with Jessie the so called homosexual.

Anyone who loved thirteen reasons why will love this book. Hell anyone who loves YA novels will love this book!


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