Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pop Goes the Weasel

Pop Goes The Weasel

By James Patterson

Rating 3 out of 5 Stars

This is the fifth installment of the Alex Cross series. I can say I was not very impressed with the book but it did keep my attention and the last two books were very good and the reason I gave it a 3 star rating.

The book starts out with a series of murders that are sweeping across the southeast most of them Jane Does. We know who the killer is from the get go, the British diplomat, Geoffrey Shafer just can't help himself. He has the perfect family on the surface and full reign of the D.C. night street scene. He uses two diverse vehicles, an expensive Jag for his private life and a 'flower-child taxi' for his secret life. Telling his family that he has assignments in Britain, actually he gets in gear for one of his murderous rampages at a rented apartment in a poor part of the city., as known as Death for his role playing game he plays on the internet

For seven years a fantasy internet game was played called "The Four Horseman" The four players are from different countries and are conqueror from England, Famine in Australia, War in Jamaica, and Death in Washington, D.C.. For Death any street woman is fair game for him as he acts out his fantasy as Jack the Ripper. The police investigators who find his cast offs have dubbed him the Weasel, as it seems like he is ready to pop. When the other players figured out that his 'fantasies' were actual murders, they could be as dangerous as he was; it was they who had taught him how to kill.

Death thought he was the star player and won nearly all the games he have every played, but now he has gone too far and appears to be suicidal. It is no longer a gamed to him, it is an obsession.

Meanwhile, Alex cross and his girlfriend, Christine, have decided to get married, despite his pursuit of "The Weasel" and Christine's pleases for him to quit the job and become a psychologist. Just before they get married Alex, Christine, Nanna Mamma, and the kids go on vacation where Christine get kidnapped and Alex thinks it one of the four horseman and is presumed dead. Its more than cross can deal with, despite the help of his family and his dear friend John Sampson.

There is no time, however, for normal grieving or even self-pity. The game has heated up to a point of excruciating finesse, all at the hands of one of the most dangerous killers ever. And now that killer, the seemingly mild-mannered Geoffrey Shafer, has focused on Alex as an opponent worthy of being part of the game.