Friday, April 19, 2013

The Dead Girls Dance

The Dead Girls' Dance

By Rachel Caine


Rating: 4 stars

Morganville Vampires book 2

The Dead Girls’ Dance is a very good sequel. I actually liked this more than the first book. It picks up right where Glass Houses left off, so we are right into the action from the get-go. There was more mystery, more horror, and more action.

We find that Shane was originally sent to back to Morganville to give his father Intel on the vampire's whereabouts. So Shane’s dad comes in to take out the first person he knows to be supernatural, Michael. Thing is Shane’s dad doesn’t know that Michael can’t die because he is already dead. Shane is out to help Michael and protect Claire and Eve because his dad and his dad’s entourage are more awful than they thought. But as the story goes, a vampire is killed and tortured and it is suspected that Shane was the culprit. Shane will be burned alive by the deceiving Oliver if Claire can’t find the one person that can prove his innocence, Shane’s own scary ass dad.

We meet new vampires in this book and get to know more of the others already in town, specifically Amelie. It is clear she and Oliver are in a power struggle and Amelie is the one that is winning. For some reason, they both want Claire on their side. I don’t know why, but I am very curious as to why because it doesn’t make sense. Monica is still out for Claire’s blood which seems so ridiculous in face of everything else Claire is taking on. Monica sets up something for Claire and Eve at the Dead Girls’ Dance, a dance the frat boys set up, that was more for Halloween, but what the hell. I am still not sure I want Monica in the books. I like villains, but she is villain still bitching over something soooo stupid. What she sets up though is something I wouldn’t have thought any chick would do. We also see Michael take a drastic step to save Shane in this book that I never would have thought he would do or could be done. It will be interesting to see how things will be for him now.

Something in this book didn’t make much sense. Eve and Michael are boyfriend and girlfriend. When did that happen? There was something between them, but with everything going on in the last book, I don’t know exactly when it had a chance to blossom. Also Shane and Claire grow closer together and I like that. I like that they all seem to be growing more in this book, it didn’t feel as immature as the last one. I like Claire a little more, she will do anything to save her friends. The lengths she goes through to save Shane were something.

Overall, this was a great sequel. There was more suspense and violence in this book. The Dead Girls’ Dance felt less juvenile which was a problem for me with book 1. The way this one ended, I can’t wait to see how Claire’s decision will affect them all. I recommend this to all looking for a good vampire story