Monday, April 22, 2013

Miss Impractical Pants

Miss Impractical Pants

By Katie Thayne

Rating 2 stars

So this book was not for me. I had to force myself through it. I really am not a romance person and with this being a romantic comedy, I just couldn’t do it.
The book had its moments that were very funny. On being " Never make a decision with your pants down" and the other quote "why was he smiling? Oh crap, I had drooled on him. Or maybe farted? Please, anything but a fart!"
This book is about a 30 year old girl who had been walked over by tons of guys with whom she dated because her friends force her out on dates. Her best friend is getting married and had his best man stay with her. She finally gives the best man, jared, a try, who become a complete jerk to her and that’s when she makes her decision to go to england.

When no one shows up to pick her up in England she goes out on her own to town and gets her own hotel room, when she wakes up to 3 men in her room. Here to find out her old friend sent them there to check on her and take her home and treat her very well.
When her new boss invites her out to a high class ball, she ends up borrowing a diamond pendant which ends up getting her in a whole bunch of trouble.

Kate has to make it through the summer and find out if jared is really "the one", fight the crush she has on her new employer and maybe even change the "amazing plan"
If your into chick lit and a nice easy read. This book is for you.