Sunday, October 11, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Pushing Send

Pushing SendPushing Send by Jacqueline Ross
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I got a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

Wow… wow….wow…. is all I can say….. DID I SEE THAT COMING….. NO!
God do I love this book! I haven’t read something this good in a while.
At first this book had the typical young adult plot…boy meets girl, girl likes boy….. and you know the rest… but it SO WAS NOT LIKE THAT!....

Hadley is the main character and she is about to start her 3rd or 4th school of the year (who is really counting?) Her father has major addiction issues from an accident and her mother is the only one making money right now….

Hadley makes friends with the girl next store who has lots of money and a step-brother who is cute named Pax. Pax is the typical cute jock in school and is very happy that Hadley and lana are friends. He also seems to like Hadley a little more than a friend.

Prom night changes everything in Hadley's life. She didn't go to the prom, Pax went with another girl and Lana went with a guy she has a huge crush on. Hadley was invited to the after party but that’s were things unravel, lives are forever changed and Hadley wishes she could turn back the clock.

This is seriously were this book gets so good that you cant put the darn thing down and you will stay up all night just to finish it.
There is one event that leads to something happening that has a domino effect that just goes viral. Literally and Hadley takes the blame for something she didn't do. Lana's parents use their influence to ruin this poor girl and her life becomes a nightmare. That all I can really say without spoiling the whole book and who wants that?!

The story ends on a cliff hanger and I really need to know how big a part Pax will play in Hadley's future

Seriously go buy this book!

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