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Private Performance B1 Cover
Private Performance
by Reese Galloway
Sleight of Hand #1
Publication Date: October 13, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, Romance

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Ellaine Greene has simple desires. She just wants to do her best as the event coordinator for the local aquarium, to support environmental conservation efforts, and to keep immature man-children out of her life.
So when a major donor to the aquarium demands Ellaine find a magician for her granddaughter's birthday party, all she can imagine is a long line of card chuckers and coin flippers wearing cheesy sequined vests.
Instead, she gets Xander Hollatz, a sophisticated, powerful man in a crisp suit, with nimble fingers and a warm smile.
He's the man for the job, no doubt. And, to her surprise, she realizes he might be the man for her, too. Will she let her doubts get in the way of their feelings for each other?
And when everything goes wrong at the birthday party, will he be able to perform a miracle to save the day?
Sleight of Hand #1: Private Performance is a 17,000-word novella, introducing readers to Ellaine and Xander's passionate and tender romance, to the fascinating wildlife inhabiting the aquarium, and to the mysterious world of professional magicians.
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Repeat Performance B2 Cover


Ellaine Greene has a new man in her life, the famous magician Xander Hollatz. He's ripped, kind, and mysterious -- nothing like her ex-husband. He has even volunteered to perform at her aquarium's annual fundraising gala. But she's still having trouble leaving the past behind, especially when her ex shows up to beg for money.
Before the new couple knows it, someone's trying to break into Xander's mansion to steal the secrets of his many famous illusions. Ellaine's ex becomes their prime suspect. But maybe it's actually the up-and-coming street magician they've befriended. Or maybe it's even someone from Xander's mysterious past.
Whoever the thief is, if he uncovers and reveals the secret of Xander's newest illusion for the fundraiser, the event will be a disaster. Ellaine may lose her job.
And there's a still greater question: Is this feeling they share together just lust -- or is it something more?
Find out in this 74,000-word book, the second volume in the Sleight of Hand series.
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About the Author

Reese Galloway
Reese Galloway loves great magic tricks, animals and bars of fancy soaps. Actually, his soap obsession is getting a little out of control.

GUEST POST- Reese Galloway, author of Private Performance and Repeat Performance, books 1 & 2 of the Sleight of Hand Series

                I know how to do a lot of magic tricks. My favorite one is called "Writing a Story."
                I'll put pictures in your mind. You'll hear voices. You'll meet people who only exist while we're thinking about them. One of them approaches you, a tall, well-dressed man. He's close enough now you catch the scent of his cologne -- citrus notes with soft woods underneath. He opens his hand and shows you a berry. Then he closes his fingers over it. Is he crushing it in his palm? You expect to see juice running down the sides of his hand, but no. He opens his fingers. The berry has vanished.
                He introduces himself as Xander Hollatz. He is one of the world's greatest magicians. And he would like to show you something, if you'd like...
                My name's Reese Galloway, and I've been writing for as long as I can remember. Not long ago I finished two books, Private Performance and Public Performance, starring two characters I'm very proud of. I hope you'll get to know them, and that you'll like them as much as I do. You've already met Xander. The last couple of years... well, we haven't seen much of him. He used to perform all the time. He even had that TV show. Then something happened and he withdrew from the public eye. Doesn't do magic anymore. God knows he doesn't need the money, but he was never doing it for the money.
                Ellaine Greene isn't so lucky. She's loaded down with debt after her divorce, and she's struggling to keep her head above water. Ironic, given that she works at an aquarium. But she wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. She loves animals, loves the ocean. She has a small social circle but is fiercely loyal to her friends. It's been a few years since her disastrous marriage. Her best friend teases her about meeting new men. Thanks, but no thanks. She's happy with the way things are now.
                And then along comes Xander.
                My favorite part about discovering these two characters has been crafting all the ways they fit together. Sure, I love writing about magic, about the aquarium, about all the other characters who inhabit the periphery of Xander and Ellaine's romance -- but in the end, it's all about them.
                They can't wait to meet you.

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