Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bone Deep

Bone Deep by Gina McMurchy-Barber
Published by:
Dundurn on December 9, 2014
Young Adult, Middle grade Children

Length: 224, in eARC format


A two hundred-year-old sunken ship is discovered off the northern tip of Vancouver Island and archaeologists are off to see if it's the three-sailed barque they've long looked for: Jacob Astor's fur trade ship, the "Intrepid." Budding archaeologist Peggy Henderson manages to secure a place on this trip, but before she goes she must learn to scuba dive. Peggy's a good swimmer but diving isn't easy. She gains confidence by reading the captain's log book. His entries paint colourful pictures of the adventures and dangers of the fur trading sailor's life, and their often jarring relationship with First Nations people. It was the clash between these cultures which ultimately led to the sinking. Peggy relates to the problem of getting along with others who hold differing views as she tries to navigate her own salty kinship with her Great-aunt Beatrix. She soon discovers that respect, courage, and honesty go a long way in keeping not only ships afloat, but relation-ships too
My Thoughts
I didn’t think I would like this book because of all the history and reading a journal of a captain whose boat sunk. But the author kept the book entertaining and there was always something going on.
Peggy is your average 13 year old girl. I felt bad for her and hanging out with her Aunt B, but also what routing for her to get her lessons and go out and explore with the archaeologists.
I was a little disappointed not knowing if Aunt B got together with the gentleman caller she was after, but all in all a great middle school age book or maybe 5th grade book.