Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pure Fake

Pure FakePure Fake by Beverly Scudamore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Pure Fake by Beverly Scudamore

Published by: James Lorimer & Company on March 3, 2014

Genre: Young Adult

Length: 136 pages in eARC format

Source: NetGalley

Rating: 5 stars!


Gina is the kind of girl who works hard to keep up her appearance -- not just her hair and makeup, but going so far as breast-enhancement surgery and regular diet pills. When tall, athletic, good-looking Colter wants to be her boyfriend, Gina jumps at the chance. She thinks they'll be the perfect couple and ignores the warning signs that things aren't right with him. That includes rumours that his past girlfriend has a restraining order against him. But when Colter’s actions put Gina in physical danger she is finally forced to wake up to what Colter is really like.

My Thoughts:

Thank you netgalley for letting me read this book! OMG was it good. Well… it took 63% the way through the book before it really starting getting good. To be honest, I hated it at first. Gina was this winey, stuck up snob who I couldn’t stand, until crap it the fan.

Gina was dating a boy and Colter was dating a girl, wouldn’t you know it their boyfriend and girlfriends cheated on both of them with each other. As fate would have it Colter and Gina get together once Colter’s ex girlfriend moves away, but not after she spreads nasty rumors about Colter that he tried to rape her and beat her up to the point that she needed to file a restraining order. Gina never believe these rumors and didn’t not know why everyone was making a big deal about it since Colter is the sweetest guy she has ever met.

UNTIL the ex-girlfriend shows back up in town and Colter’s true colors come out…….

This is what you get when you make fun of girls who get abused by their boyfriends and you don’t believe them. It is very sad to read about girlfriends who get beat up by their boyfriends and are too afraid to report it, or think that I will never happened again, especially teenagers. Really all high school girls should read this book and get a good reality check on what is going on.

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