Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dead Women Tell No Lies

Dead Women Tell No Lies


By:  Nora LeDuc


Published By NKL


Published on: May 22, 2013

Rating 4 out of 5 stars

** I got a copy of this book from the author through librarything.com early reviewer program for an exchange of an honest review. That in no way has influenced my review **

Being a twin, I had to read this book. I enjoy any book about twins especially a murder mystery book that involves twins. So of course I could not resist requesting a copy of this book to read. The book starts off sooooo suspenseful and thrilling I just could not put the book down. My first reaction was WOW! Then the book slowed down, I mean… really slowed down and I got super depressed and really did not want to finish the book. However, I really wanted to know who did "it" so I kept reading. Well thank goodness I did. The ending had great twists and turns and I thought "finally" this is what I have been waiting for.  If it were not for the great ending, the book would have gotten a two star rating from me for being boring.  O.k. on to the review..
Rose and Dahlia Blue are twins. They own their own jewelry store and are great friends. Dahlia even had a special butterfly pendant necklace made for the two of them to wear that they never take off.  So when Rose starts having visions of her sister being attacked she starts to panic. Is Rose dreaming? Is this really happening? Rose's vision shows her sister being bound by duct tape and taken away. In a state of panic Rose calls her twin sister to make sure it is only a dream. When Dahlia does not answer her phone and is nowhere to be found Rose starts to panic and files a missing persons report.
Dahlia keeps showing up whenever she wants around Rose to tell Rose things. Rose's psychic connection to her sister is questioned by Lennox who does not believe in psychic abilities. However, when Rose can recall information that nobody else knows, Lennox has to believe her and follow up.
Detective Luke Lennox is the lead homicide detective in New Hampshire. The departments newest hire straight off the streets of the New York Police Department. When they find a young woman's body along the river bank, it is his job to find out what happened and prove to his department that he deserves his job title and not because the Chief of Police was good friend with his father, which the whole department thinks that is how he got his job in the first place.
When Rose starts getting stalk by her sister's attacker and getting presents left at her door, Detective Lennox decides that Rose cannot be left alone. Detective Lennox and Rose spend a lot of time together piecing together what happened. Of course, a romantic relationship evolves between them and this is all that we read about for half the book. Rose turns down Lennox, Lennox turns does Rose, bluh bluh bluh. I HATE romance novels and I hate how some murder mysteries are ruined because of STUPID romance!

We meet a bunch of great characters throughout the book. My favorite by far is Frank, the Retired detective that was Lennox dad's partner. He spends his retired days taking care of his garden, painting, and making model toy soldiers to play war down in his basement.  Lennox goes to Frank for advice and help on Dahlia's case. Frank helps investigate and starts turning up things that Lennox just cannot believe. Only because it involves his best friend from middle school who would never do such a thing. Frank ends up saving Rose's life but I will not spoil the book for you.

My advice, do not give up on the book it does get better!