Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One for the Money

One For the Money


By: Janet Evanovich


Published By: St. Martin's Griffin


Published on June 13, 2006

Rating 4 out of 5 stars

One for the Money is the first book in a very long series. I thought I would give it a shot since my twin sister LOVED it and hey it was a mystery book and I love me a good mystery.

To be honest I was not in love with it. It took about half way through for me to think..ok maybe I do like this book.  This is more of a Chick Lit book then a mystery, but it was a fast fun read I guess.

Stephanie Plum is a discount lingerie sale person who just lost her job.  Her car is being repossessed and she is selling her furniture to help pay for bills. In an attempt to make money her Mother tells her that her Uncle Vinnie has a job open and she should go talk to him.  Uncle Vinnie wants her filing safely in the office, but when she realizes she can make $10,000 as a bounty hunter AND get revenge by bringing in the man who did her wrong, at the same time, she is in.
Her first assignment is to bring in Joe Morelli, a local cop who is now a homicide suspect. Stephanie and Joe have a history involving a bakery floor, her lost virginity and maybe a hit-and-run incident that will make this case a little interesting.  It is nothing personal; it is just about the money, so she says…

Stephanie learns real quick that she is not the greatest bounty hunter out there and finds herself needing help of two men: the mysterious ranger and of course Morelli. While Stephanie is out hunting Morelli, he is busy saving her from a psychopath boxes who rapes and tortures women. The boxer is a key player in the mystery surrounding Morelli.
In the meantime, Stephanie's parents are busy trying to play matchmaker. They set up and dinner and invite Bernie the appliance salesperson as the dinner guest. This was one of the best parts of the book. While Granma Mazur is talking up Stephanie and her Bounty Hunter gun, Grandma Whips out Stephanie's gun and ends up shooting the chicken on the dinner table. I never laughed so much….